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Brian's Bets

Welcome to Brian’s bets! While my website is mainly intended for my Cybersecurity endeavors, I still wanted to take the time to try blogging about other things that interest me. Those who know me know that MMA, NCAA Wrestling, and BJJ will always be the leading sports I watch. Although, I have recently branched out to soccer. This branching out was driven mainly by Nintendo running a discount on EA Sports FC 2024 for the Switch. Since discovering soccer interested me I have been watching it pretty steadily. I primarily watch the German Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, and Brasileiro Série A. Eventually, I will get into the Premier League, but there is no reason to rush! For this first post, I will just call out my German Bundesliga picks.


Picks for SATURDAY 2024-03-09


·         Bayern Munich over Mainz

·         M’Gladbach over Koln (Poor Billygoats)

·         Augsburg over Heidenheim

·         Leipzig over Darmstadt

·         Dortmund over Bremen

See you soon! -Brian

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